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Gyandeep began with the objective of inculcating the importance of education in children from economically weaker sections of society. Today, the organsiation incorporates many other aspects of overall child development and growth through extra curricular activities and workshops. However our main focus continues to be on academics and helping children become independent learners.


Each child is given individual attention and is taught according to his/her acumen. We teach in two batches - children above 6 years (senior) and below (junior). Our batches are further segregated into groups of 2-3 students, according to their level of grasp. Our emphasis is on strengthening the foundation of subjects like languages and mathematics. We primarily supplement classroom teaching, lay stress on the three 'R's (reading, writing, arithmetic), teach general knowledge and speaking skills. The teachers at Gyandeep have, over the years, created their own syllabus for the children. These have been collated and compiled into a set of workbooks for English, Hindi, Maths and General Knowledge that combine text, theory and practice books and are now used as a standard template by all the teachers.

We have a group of professional teachers at Gyandeep who volunteer to help the children learn and develop a liking for education. To achieve this, we use interactive and engaging methods of teaching such as playway, discussion, story telling, recitation, hit and trials, group study and quizzing. In addition we also include music, dance and dramatics as part of our sessions since we firmly believe these skills not only help in academics but also contribute to an overall personality development. We also encourage participation in inter-school and other competitions like the Delhi and World Book Fair.

On these occasions, our children have matched up against students from established private schools and have won several prizes which makes us immensely proud. 


We see the children becoming more confident everyday, developing a sense of self-respect and learning values like compassion and team work- a testimony to our endeavour. The extremely low dropout rate and our children’s reluctance to have any holidays, is in itself a wonderful feedback for us at Gyandeep!

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