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At Gyandeep we give equal importance to academic learning as well as extra curricular activities and have therefore combined them seamlessly into the curriculum. These activities help children become more productive, increase their self esteem, improve their social skills and help them to become more aware of their surroundings. Not only that, they indirectly keep them children interested in the school curriculum making learning a fun experience.

Most of the time, the children's level of understanding and comprehension, differs their actual academic level. We, therefore, include activities that help fill this gap and encourage each child to learn at their own pace. Special sessions are conducted regularly by our volunteers to support learning. For our junior batch (children below 6 years) we conduct sessions on drawing, painting, poetry (both learning and performance), origami paper craft and dance routinely. Thursdays are assigned Special Activity Days and we often have guest volunteers who conduct workshops or talk about various topics outside of academics. Our volunteers come from various fields and backgrounds, right from lawyers, to professors and yoga experts. As part of these sessions, the guests volunteers conduct exercises to help better understanding and knowledge retention. For our senior students, drama enactment, role playing, elocution, story writing, story telling, drawing, painting and varied paper crafts are arranged periodically.

To help encourage skills and talents in every child at Gyandeep, we participate in various competitions throughout the academic year. The Delhi book fair, World book fair, Navoudit festival are a few platforms where our students have performed and excelled. In order to inculcate the importance of excellence, preparation for these competitions is carried out systematically and is dealt with utmost seriousness and professionalism. The efforts put in by the children and the teachers always bear fruit in the form of awards and recognition.


We also consider it important for our children to be aware of their culture and hence important festivals like Dusshera, Diwali, Christmas are celebrated creatively and in a unique style.


This understanding of the needs of these children not only in terms of academics but also in terms of overall development, civic sense and basic values is what makes Gyandeep stand out from other regular support systems for underprivileged children. We strive to lead them towards becoming individuals who are conscientious, knowledgeable and kind.

This is a documentation of the lane beautification project that was undertaken by the students, teachers and volunteers

of Gyandeep. 

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