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Highlights of 2018
6 Jan: The children of Gyandeep participate in the New Delhi World Book Fair and perform a mime act on the importance of preserving nature.

12 Feb: The children and teachers at Gyandeep participate in a workshop on Decoupage- a paper craft​.

Mar: The Gyandeep Annual Picnic celebrates the hard work put in by all the children and teachers and brings the academic year to a close.

May: The children and teachers at Gyandeep along with Delhi Street Art, transform the school walls with beautiful paintings.

June: Summer workshops are held to create a variety of products for the Diwali Mela. Students and teachers tirelessly work towards making beautiful stationery, jewellery, lanterns, diyas and numerous other products.  

July: Spoken English session conducted for the children by Mr. Prasanna Sant

13 Aug: Mathematics session by Ms. Amisha Rai from 'Miles to Go''

28 Aug: Gyandeep children win in a poetry competition

at the Delhi Book Fair

Sept: Ms. Ameeta Gupta, from Consumers India, takes a session with the Gyandeep children on how to be a consumer who is aware and informed. 

Oct: Gyandeep puts up a grand Diwali Mela with stalls, streamers and photobooths. It is one of the high points of the year for the children and teachers of Gyandeep.

25 Nov: Special guests, Syed Suheel and lnsha Makhdoomi, talk to the children about Kashmir, the condition of farmers and the various issues that it faces.

21 Dec: Gyandeep celebrates an early Christmas in full fervour with tree decorations,

performances planned by the children.

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