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What our volunteers

have to say

The pleasure is all mine to be part of Gyandeep NGO and Project Kilkari. Surely, this project helps me to know what internal satisfaction is ,we get only by doing good deeds. Thanks to Head of the Project, teachers and the core team for given me chance to teach kids in Gyandeep. I never forgot the experiences with kids most importantly my first day. On that day we did fun . These types of activities helps in overall development of child. After these all, online classes were begen and I allotted Mohita of Class 6.This is another experience of online teaching.  She is so good to me. When I told her about my discontinuation she said " aap bht achhi ho Didi". Im glad to work with Gyandeep. It gave me immense pleasure.


I joined gyandeep and the kilkari project with a  thought that I would teach children🙃 but little did I know that at the end of it I would end up learning a lot more than I taught.😃 These little kids have so much enthusiasm and eagerness to learn🌸 Their laughter, optimism  is contagious 😃 I have been inspired to do good and contribute to society for which I would always be grateful for🙏🏻 This truly was an unforgettable experience ❤️

Vrinda Arya

It is my pleasure that i joined such a great NGO -Gyandeep As i like to teach children and to  share my knowledge with others.

It gave me a chance to grew up my personality and follow my hobby . This NGO provide very good opportunity for students as it helps those children  to increase their knowledge .So yes i enjoyed teaching those children.

Shivani Rao


I feel very blessed to be a part of such a NGO. All the teachers and team members are very supportive and understanding. I also enjoyed the way of teaching and now I am having such a great experience of teaching.

Neha Singh

I'm very much grateful for the fact that I joined this project. Working in Kilkari has been amazing. Gyaandeep encouraged me so much for teaching a child with all my heart and efforts. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here. Best wishes for all your future projects.

Parul Tuteja

It's been a wonderful experience working with gyaandeep, teaching and connecting with the kids and I'm thankful to cdf gargi for providing me this opportunity. Cdf kilkaari team has been really supportive during the session. All the best to the core team and my fellow volunteers for future endeavors.

Mahima Bisht

I started my journey with kilkari in Jor Bagh.It was a new experience, I was involved with Prateek and kids.It was tough but fun. Then I shifted to green park, Gyandeep. I loved the location, Loved all the members of gyandeep and their initiative. And rn I'm teaching Aaradhna through online classes and I see the growth in her and I personally feel a lot good :)Kilkari is always home for me.


When I think about the journey so far, it's been nothing less than a blessing.  My experience with Gyandeep NGO and Kilkari has been amazing. It was a mutual learning experience. I learned a lot while I taught. The children I met there are so full of enthusiasm and love for life, just meeting them filled me with joy and happiness; I loved the time I spent with them. Gyandeep lives up to its name. All the members at Gyandeep are doing an amazing job of imparting knowledge and education to these kids. It gives one the hope that things can be changed and will change. A big thanks to CDF Gargi for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I wish good luck to all the team members for future endeavours.


Working with gyandeep, kilkari was really an overwhelmingly experience for me. It really helped me to evolve and become a better version of myself. I am really proud to be a part of such a great initiative which not only help kids with their academics but also help them shape their character and become a good and responsible citizens . As my journey ends with kilkari , I world really like to thank all the heads and member of kilkari to make this happen and really wish them luck for future ventures.

Hitakshi Sharma

Hello everybody,It was incredibly good and positive experience for me to be a part of such a wonderful project of cdf - kilkari. Every interaction with the children was fun and enjoyable. It's not just them but me too who gained a lot of knowledge and experience. I would like to thank the whole team for providing me this opportunity and for every kind of support and coordination with me , for guiding every volunteer, for appreciating everybody's work and kept patience even in this hectic lockdown time period. I hope I have contributed my best to the team. I wish luck to all the team members.

Poornima Sharma

Being a part of NGO like "GYANDEEP" was really a new and exciting thing happened to me. Going there for a day in week and meeting those beautiful, determined and hard working people, have a amazing impact on my life. 
Being a part of Gyandeep make me overwhelmed that we all are blessed with the best that we could have. 
Teaching those kids, in Hindi medium was the only challenge that helps me to bring the best out of me. Preparing a day ago the whole thing, so that I could teach kids the following day and try continuously to make them learn the best I could, taught me lot of moral values. 

There were times when the kids tried to escape, but with the good will and hard work of Gyandeep volunteers, it all went good. In the future, I wish you all the very best. 
And yes challenge appears in front of those who can fight.
Thank you having me 
Lots of love and respect

Shivani Sharma

Working with gyandeep ngo was absolutely an immense pleasure .
And this opportunity was obviously provided by cdf under project kilkari. A big thank you for this.  I wish good luck to all the team members for future endeavours.

Yashsavi Sharma

It was a great experience to work with Gyandeep and be a part of Project Kilkari. I got to teach kids who were so interested and determined to study.

The enthusiasm of the gyandeep students is amazing and I wish that it stays like that.


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