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Our fight against COVID-19

Gyandeep has always been committed towards providing support to all the children that are and have been a part of its family. Over the past several months, the world has been reeling amidst a pandemic and life has got disrupted in various ways. Schools have been temporarily closed, millions of people have lost their means of livelihood and life has come to a stand still. However, even during these challenging times, Gyandeep has striven to provide support to its children and their families in various ways.


Gyandeep is a not-for-profit organisation that strives to inculcate an importance of education in the minds of economically weaker sections of society. Our vision is to enable the overall upliftment and literacy of first generation learners.

Gyandeep has been actively working towards achieving the following goals:

To nurture independent learners

To work towards an overall growth and development

To build a more secure future for every child

How we began

A brief introduction the beginnings of Gyandeep shot by a French journalist in 2010, featured on a French TV channel

What we do

Gyandeep focuses on educating under-privileged children and has been committed to this cause for over ten years. Over 250 children have passed through its portals and currently over 75 children, from classes 1 to 12, come every afternoon. Gyandeep is not a conventional school but is based on the concept of providing supplementary education. The children who go to normal schools, mostly government-run, lack the necessary support at home to reinforce the classes held at school. Without this support, the children often lag behind the rest of the class and lose interest, resulting in a large number of drop-outs. Gyandeep strives to fill this gap.  However, its volunteer teachers do much more than just that.


Gyandeep believes in a very wide definition of education, that covers the three 'R's (reading, writing, arithmetic), general knowledge, civic awareness, good values and appropriate manners. The unsaid aim is to bring up these children as our very own and inculcate in them, values we would expect in our own children. Through the medium of academics, skill development and extra curricular activities, Gyandeep works towards an overall development and growth of these kids and aims to build their confidence and develop an overall behaviour which will make them responsible and independent citizens of a future India.

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Our team

Gyandeep is supported by a team of highly dedicated and driven individuals, teachers, guest faculty and volunteers. Over time, we have collaborated with individuals from various fields to enrich the education of Gyandeep's children and extend it beyond the knowledge just obtained from books. There are a number of teachers and volunteers who are a part of the Gyandeep family and who contribute in multiple ways that enables our children to grow into independent and confident young adults.


Our Children

The children who are a part of Gyandeep often come from socio-economic backgrounds that are unable to support their need for education and development. Most of these children are intelligent, capable, full of enthusiasm and harbour an undying will to learn. Through the years, with their hard work and dedication, they have grown into bright young adolescents. With the consistent support of Gyandeep's teachers these kids have achieved remarkable success on various platforms and have brought home a number of awards in poetry, dance, art and storytelling. Even at an academic level, they are excelling and progressing at a steady pace. Their zeal to succeed and the sincerity of their efforts, inspires us and makes us proud everyday.

Our Children

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